The day is here. Inside Out Pressure Washing is scheduled to clean and seal your driveway. Your driveway is soon to be transformed by our cleansing and sealing service. Your pressure cleaner is on their way. What’s their procedure? What do they do from the minute they pull up to your home to the point of completion? Here’s how we wash and seal a driveway:

1: Prepare the Equipment

We will park up and place cones if required. They extend their hose from the truck to the location they’ll be beginning on your driveway. As they carry a hose to the water source, they ensure to take the very best course possible to not interfere with any bushes, shrubs, furnishings, or anything else on your property. While doing this, they keep in mind any locations of issue. They jot down everything in order to get totally ready for the cleaning process.

2: Prepare the Surface

Our staff member applies our specialised cleansers to the surface. The cleansers soak into the surface and break down any dirt or gunk. They likewise reduce the effects of any undesirable living organisms like moss, algae, mould, and mildew. Next, we will rinse away the cleansers and loose surface area pollutants with fresh water.

3: Use Cleanser and Sealer

We will start the deep cleaning portion of the driveway cleaning process. They begin by adjusting the soap dispenser to enable the correct circulation of cleansers and water. After this change, we clean at a sluggish but steady speed to make sure that any unclean surface is not left.

Depending on the age of the surface, we either clean with their wand or with a surface area cleaner. More recent concrete under 3 years old hasn’t totally dried and needs making use of a wand accessory for a soft wash. Concrete older than three years is securely cleaned with a surface cleaner.

We will then rinse whatever residue away from your driveway with fresh water. Any pollutants or dirt that loosened throughout the cleansing process is also washed away.

Upon cleaning the surface area, we look for any problem locations to figure out if any areas require more attention. The team member then uses sealer to the concrete up until they’re sure that it has completely absorbed into the pores.

4: Finishing Up

Our team member separates the hose pipe from your water spigot and securely returns the devices back to their truck. If you have any concerns or notice any spots you are unsure about, we attend to and retreat them if essential.

Get Your Driveway Washed and Sealed Today

As you can see, we take incredible pride in the work that we do. We make sure every driveway and concrete surface area is cleaned with precision. If you have any questions at all about how we clean and seal a driveway, simply request a quote.